Phone showing an hourglass with apps dripping through the middle.
4 mins

7 ways to reduce or limit your screen time

Addicted to your phone? Learn how to reduce and control your screen time, when it’s on iOS, Android, or your computer.
ExpressVPN partners with HMD Global.
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Nokia phones choose ExpressVPN and Spotify as must-have apps

These two apps, as well as Amazon and Netflix, will be preloaded onto new models of Nokia phones.
Half demon, split profile picture.
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Top 6 deepfake apps: Are they safe?

Sure, it’s fun to see your face in a blockbuster film, but you might be giving away more than you realize when using deepfake apps.


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We analyzed 450 apps and found location trackers in every one

Original research from the ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab reveals the extent of location surveillance.